How To Frame Your Wedding Photos

The pictures from your wedding day will be one of the biggest parts of your memories for years to come. While you’ll always have the memories, you can also get photos framed to help preserve them and display them proudly. Framing your wedding photos with a destination wedding photo frame provides you with an elegant means of saving and displaying some of your most precious memories. But what kind of design should you choose? Below are different methods for framing your wedding photos.


Photo Frame Types:


Traditional wedding frames have a white matte background. This gives the picture a clean, simple look and allows the color of your wedding to be the focal point. If you really want to make sure that your color choice pops, going with white as the background is a good idea. It’s also very popular!


But not everyone wants a traditional white frame around their wedding photo. The most classic option for this is a wooden frame in a rich mahogany or walnut shade. However, if that doesn’t suit your taste or your wedding theme, there are plenty of other photo frame options available to you!


Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are a classic and beautiful option for displaying wedding photos. They come in all different colors and shades, as well as different shapes and sizes. Wooden frames can also be engraved with custom words or phrases to add special meaning to any photo displayed in them.


Rustic Frame

A wooden frame with a country-style or theme fits with most any décor. Wooden frames in light or dark wood color with a contrasting mat looks simple and elegant in any setting.


Metal Frame

Metal photo frames can add that special touch of elegance and sophistication and they’re more durable than plastic. They’re also more versatile and easy to maintain. These frames can be used for anything from wedding photos, to diplomas to children’s artwork.


Displaying Your Wedding Photos



A single iconic photo


This is the one photo that stands out among all the rest. It is often a shot that was captured when you thought no one was looking, and it depicts a shared romantic moment between the two of you. A simple black and white print with a plain white mat and elegant wood or metal frame.


Create a photo grouping of 2 – 3 images


A small photo grouping of 3 photos of different sizes makes a lovely statement on an accent wall. A common look is to use one large photo and two smaller ones. The frames can be the same material or different. Contrast often makes the image pop out.


Pick two photos of the same size and use the same color mat and frame.


This is what is known as a diptych. A diptych consists of 2 custom framed photos that are the exact same size and hung in a row or stacked on the wall. This is a common look that works well with any décor.



Create a gallery wall


Another creative look is to create a gallery wall with all of the best photos from your wedding and share them with friends and family. The easiest way to create a picture gallery is by placing your prints in simple frames, but there are lots of ways to present your photos. You can use different colors and textures,  or you can use the same color, such as using all black frames to hang all the pictures on one wall.



Custom Framing Online


If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look for your wedding photos, you can also opt to frame photos online and have the hard work  done for you. If you don’t have an eye for design, a framing company can pick up your photos and professionally format them with mats and frames and deliver them to your door. Nothing could be easier.


You can place the order online, add a free simple details, and click submit. A professional will put together your frame photos online and deliver them to your door when ready to be hung. You can’t imagine how much easier this makes the process for many people who are not artistically-inclined, but want to create a decorative look to display their wedding photos.


Experiment with different arrangements and see what works for your photos and space. You might be surprised to find that changing the way you think about displaying your wedding photos can make for a more beautiful photo wall than you could have imagined.


You have many choices when it comes to framing your wedding photos. You can have just one gorgeous photo of the wedding party, or create a gallery wall with all the best shows.

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