Custom Framing, Art, and Mirrors

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It’s impossible to alter the appearance of something in the mirror. But, art has the power to change a mirror into an element of décor. That’s by use of mirror framers. The Custom picture framers you choose for your mirror will dictate its aesthetics. Ornate, simple, metal, wood, and dark frames affect the general appearance.


Picking the right frame for your mirror isn’t a walk in the park. Since you’ve decided to transform the mirror into art, below are things you should consider.


Mirror Frame Design


Where are you going to position the mirror? Is it in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom? Regardless of where you’re going to hang it, the mirror frame design is critical. You wonder why? It’s the first noticeable aspect. Therefore, make sure to pick the right frame for your mirror.


Pick the Right Frame Material


To get the suitable material for your frame, it’s crucial to know the materials that make the frame. They include silver, gold, and painted bronze metals for a polished and regal appearance. It can also be made of wood and plastics, which aren’t durable. Try other innovative options like using fabric to cover the frame if you want to be unique.


Tone, Shade, and Color of the Frame


If you prefer a metallic frame, go for one with a shiny finish. It will grab the attention of everyone who enters the room you’ve placed it. Another good option of a matte, dull finishing is to get a subtle touch to highlight the most eminent pieces of your room’s design. When choosing wood, take note that the stain makes the mirror recede. Gloomy shades of wood stains that contrast with the mirror’s glass make it pop. But lighter tones will give a softer and a balanced look.


Types of Mirror Framers


If you want to use mirror framers for your interior décor, choose from several options. It’s similar to custom picture frames that come in a wide array of designs.


The Butted Frame


The design involves attaching a few parts of un-mitered wood plus creating a case for your mirror, which takes after the old crown moldings. It’s meant to cover a frameless mirror’s sides. Therefore, you don’t have to design the miter cuts, and also, you’ll collect them piecemeal.


Corner Blocks

Here, you cut four parts of a molded mirror frame. Then, join them with the moldings at the corners to toughen the mirror’s security and give it a design flair.




If you want your mirror to be an attention grabber, this is the perfect design. Whether you choose a wooden or a metallic one, ornate mirrors will give your visitors something to focus on




It involves fusing four parts of a molded mirror frame at an angle of 45 degrees. The miter cut makes it possible to merge the ending of every frame to design corners that fit together with ease.


How to Take Care of Mirror Framers


If you want your mirror frame to last, the following tips will help you achieve this.


Keep Your Mirror Clean


One thing that makes the mirror beautiful is its visual appeal. But you’ll have to clean it to keep the appeal. The cleaning will keep it away from streaks, fingerprints, and gunk.

Polish Your Frame


Take note that this will depend on the frame’s material. For instance, if the frame is wooden and sealed, you wipe it using furniture polish. A damp cloth will be appropriate for unfinished woods as they soak in moisture. Commercial cleaners aren’t recommended because they discolor the wood.


Dust it regularly


When dust and gunk accumulate in your mirror, removing them can be technical. To avoid this inconvenience, make sure to dust it at least once a week.

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