How to Frame Canvas Paintings

As an avid painter who adores working on canvases, you may have some finished artwork in your studio. Perhaps they’re stacked or rolled up in a corner. You’ll not want to have them damaged after all your hard work on those canvases. Don’t continue hiding them in that corner anymore. It’s time to put them in canvas picture frames and display them.

But first forward, you need to learn how to frame the canvases. The framing will depend on your personal preferences and the original canvas material. If you like do-it-yourself projects, canvas framing is one activity you’ll enjoy.


To Use Frames or Not?


To frame or not is the first question to ask yourself. Many art lovers prefer stretched and unframed canvases. It’s a modern and minimalist way of life since you incur fewer expenses. Further, for artwork professionals working with canvas rolls that stretch themselves, leaving them unframed is still recommended. It’s usually because of sizing the stretcher bars to have the painting “bleed” sideways.


The above method is akin to having an in-built frame for your canvas. This is because no visible frame structure will distract your art. You end up with a canvas that has a modern look when unframed.


There’s still more to elaborate after exhausting artists who work on canvas rolls that may not require a frame. Another group will most likely frame their canvas, and that’s artists working on pre-stretched canvas. Said and done, what’s next for these artists who want canvas picture frames?


First, there should be an open-backed canvas frame to hold your print but not a glass frame. That implies you’ve to search for styles with clips and a groove to secure the canvas. It will be easy to get a reasonable ready frame for pre-stretched and standard canvas. But when you aren’t sure about the exact structure, it’s recommendable to get help from the nearest art store.


Canvas Picture Frames for Your Art


When you’ve got a canvas with a unique shape and size, using canvas picture frames is your ideal option. The choice will allow you to use a linen liner as a mat. You’ll put it between your canvas and the frame for extra texture and visual appeal. If you aren’t confident in framing your canvas, trust framing professionals to do it for you, as they’ve got the appropriate tools.


How to Frame a Canvas Painting


Now you have a basic knowledge of canvas frames and where to use them. Let’s now focus on the process of framing your canvas.


Materials Needed

  • Canvas print or painting
  • Stain
  • Wood glue
  • Polycrilic
  • One time two standard board


Tools Needed


  • Nail gun
  • Glue gun
  • Foam brush or rag
  • Chop saw


The Procedure


  • Take the measurements of your canvas paintings and note them down.
  • Cut your frame using the dimensions you obtained from the one times two standard board. Make sure each corner has a miter cut 45 degrees.
  • Nail and glue the frame together. Make sure your canvas print isn’t inside.
  • Seal and stain the frame
  • Install your canvas print. Use hot glue to fix the photo inside the frame firmly.


Cleaning and Caring for Your Canvas Painting


You’ll notice that your canvas print will appear grimy over time. Since you want to retain its usual appeal, it’s a bold move to learn how to clean it. First, use a dry and soft brush to wipe the dust gently. Then, get a cotton cloth and soak it in olive oil soap-based water. Use the material to remove grime and dirt from the canvas painting gently.

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