Tips On How to Make Copies of Your Old Photos for Memories

collage photo frame

Making a copy of a printed photo in the past used to necessitate owning the original negative. It’s considerably easier to print photos nowadays because they’re saved digitally and can be used to make collage photo frame. Things can, of course, go wrong. Deleted, corrupt, or damaged files and data can occur. So, what’s the best approach to making copies of old photos?

Take a picture of a picture

Place the old photograph on a flat surface. You can use the kitchen table or the carpet. Take a picture of your old image by lining up your phone with the image and pressing the shutter button. Reduce glare by using indirect natural light, which is less harsh than direct sunlight. On a cloudy day, stand near a window or use sheer drapes to screen the light. Photos can be digitally framed using a photo editor. You are free to make an unlimited number of copies. It’s easy to give a thoughtful present with a copy of a photo.

Scanning a photo

Scanners and printers may be the most loathed pieces of technology when we need to get anything from the physical universe into the digital realm, yet we can’t escape them. This has a better likelihood of producing a high-quality image than snapping a picture of a picture. A properly set-up scanner should always be your first step.

Select the maximum possible resolution in your scanner’s histogram to improve the quality of your scans. Scan the picture as you usually would. In most scanners, the photo is scanned with its back to the scanner’s corner. A picture scanner may not be necessary if you only need to digitize old images fast. Perhaps your only option is to use your phone while visiting a family member’s house.

Of course, there’s always the option of taking a picture with your phone’s camera app. Alternatively, shadows, distortion, and glare could be created. Using some apps, you may get rid of the unwanted features while also getting assistance with the scanning procedure.

Framing the original

You can now frame the analog after scanning the original and making digital copies for the records. Float-mounting a vintage photo to show off its unique edges is a great way to show the stains, tears, and watermarks. Once you frame the originals you can use them for a collage photo frame.

Enlist the help of professional photographers

An antique photo may be too damaged to produce a copy on your own. What makes you think that hiring a professional to create copies is a better option than doing it yourself?

A professional photo restorer is needed if the image has considerable damage. You may also have a document scanner in your attic, but it may not yield good results. Consider consulting specialists if you’re attempting to make copies of an old photograph because of its historical value. Avoid wasting time fiddling with fragile objects that will only get worse the more you handle them.

Services for digitizing photographs

Of course, using a photo-digitizing service is the quickest and easiest option to scan old images. Scan your old images with this option if you would not want to put in the hours it takes. However, there are certain drawbacks to this method of digitizing old photographs.

One thing to think about is the safety of the images you give to the recipient. Sending away your family photos to a stranger and trusting the postal service with some of your most personal memories is a necessary step. It’s a good idea to select and choose the photos you give to this stranger because they’ll see them all when making copies or collage photo frame.


How many old family images have you recently discovered that have given you a sense of reconnection with your roots? With these tips, you’ll be able to digitize and make copies of your old images successfully.

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