Learn How to Make a Shadow Box Frame for Your Photos

shadow box frame

Shadow box frames are perfect for adding wall display storage to a room without the need for traditional shelves. In addition to being decorative, the frames can be used to store office equipment or exhibit items such as flowers, books, and other trinkets. Use old picture frames you’ve hung around for this project, too. Instead of utilizing old frames, you can create shadow box frames in two different sizes using pre-made antique frames from a craft store. You have a lot of options when it comes to customizing this project.

Measure the frame’s backside

Measure the frame’s longest side to get an idea of how much wood you’ll need to cut. To ensure that your craft wood pieces would fit, measure the ledge on the back of the frame, where your photo or artwork is typically positioned. It is possible to measure the back of a frame instead of a ledge if your wood planks are broader than your frame’s ledge.

Cut the wooden board to size

Using the measurement you’ve taken, mark it on a wood board and extend that line across the entire piece of wood. To cut using a hand saw, set the wood board on top of a block of wood or metal and lean it against the table’s edge. Keep your non-cutting side of wood firmly on your work surface before beginning to cut. While sawing, keep your grip firm. It may take a long time to cut your piece of wood manually. Depending on the thickness of the wood, a power saw can cut it in seconds. To ensure you have two identically sized pieces, repeat this step.

Smooth out the corners

If the edges are rough, sandpaper can be used to smooth the rough edges of a wooden board.

Determine how long the shortest side is

After you have trimmed the two pieces of wood that will make up the longest sides of your frame, measure the distance between the two boards you have just trimmed. Follow steps 2 and 3 to cut the remaining two wood boards to the appropriate length to be inserted between the longer planks.

Put the boards next to each other

To ensure that the boards can be used to create the box picture frame, place them together.

Put glue on the wooden boards to join them together

Begin by gluing the two wood boards that were the longest into place, and after that, glue the boards which were the shortest into place. Remove the excess glue from your boards by wiping them down. If you are using larger or thicker boards, you can make the box picture frame by gluing the boards to one another first and then joining them to your frame. This is an option even if you are not using larger boards.

Fix the boards together using nails

To make the box more secure, nail the boards together.

Attach the box to the frame using nails

To fasten the wooden box to the metal framework, you can use nails, a hammer, or a nail gun.

Paint your wood box

Apply paint to both the outside and the inside of the box to make it match the frame. If the frame requires repainting, the shadow box itself should also be painted. Painting using a paintbrush requires a lot of patience because you could only use paint from a container. If you have access to a spray paint can, painting the entirety of the frame of your shadow box will be much simpler and more practical.

Display the shadow box frames and decorations on the wall

Applying adhesive strips on the four corners of the box picture frame will prevent nail holes from being created in the wall. When using the shadow box, try to avoid placing anything weighty.


If you have a photo that needs framing, you may be wondering whether to buy a frame. ¬†However, one of the difficulties of buying store-bought frames is that they are expensive. If you make your wooden frames, you won’t have to worry about that issue anymore.

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