Creating the Perfect Backdrop for Any Video Call

Technological evolution has seen daily meetings shift into video calls as the new norm. Consequently, the private home offices are now laid bare to the globe. You can dress exquisitely, but one thing will spoil the appeal during video calls: what’s behind you. To ensure your backdrop doesn’t become a destructor, you can now control video calls to achieve those vintage picture framesIn this article, find detailed ideas on creating that beautiful backdrop for your video calls.

  • Go for a neutral background.

Many people often think you should add as much personality to your background. Yet, this isn’t the best way to go, as it becomes distractive. While video calling, your clients will direct more of their concentration on the background. To avoid this, keep it simple so that your environment will give an impression of a subtle and calm professional.

  • Fix Lighting right

The quality of light keeps varying during working hours. It’s, therefore, upon you to make sure you adjust yourself well to get the best from a video call. First, if the natural light will make you more revealed, position yourself in a space facing a window. You’ll have to turn on the lighting during the night so that your room isn’t dingy or dark. While you do this, make sure the lighting is focused and direct on you.

  • Include some artwork

Again, you can get a perfect backdrop by including SKW bright picture frames. The art you choose here should be something that inspires you and communicates your personality. Several vintage picture frames may encourage you; don’t include all of them. Instead, choose a few to make sure the other party doesn’t primarily focus on the art instead of what you’re saying.


  • Display the best souvenirs and plants

Exposing souvenirs you’ve gathered in your travelling and indoor plants is another way to achieve a perfect backdrop. If you’ve ample space, position a sideboard and carefully arrange your best possessions to convey your sense of style. If you don’t have room, consider a floating shelf where you’ll place some vases and artwork. The effect will be a striking backdrop.

  • Adjust your sitting position and computer height

Position the camera at eye level, and distance it from you to a place where it captures your best. You can raise it slightly to give the clients a personal view of you. As for your sitting position, don’t lean on your chair or support your head with your palm. Sit uprightly to give the impression of a confident professional.

  • Avoid reflective surfaces

Any reflective surface behind you, like a mirror, shiny metallic windows and decorative items, will result in a glare. To resolve it, you can open the polished doors and windows.

  • Desk position

You’re not creating a beautiful background for yourself only, but for the clients. Therefore, how do they get a glimpse of it? Place your desk in a way that there are 4-7 feet between your desk back and your background wall. The farther you move from the backdrop wall, the more visible your background.

  • Final adjustments

Once all the above factors are in place, it’s time to check your wardrobe. To avoid inconveniences, choose simple, professional and elegant attires. Your dressing color should complement the other elements in the backdrop. If you decide to match everything, your body shape will appear distorted during the video call.


Finally, counter check your decorative elements. Is there an item that overlapped with the other? Does your background appear overcrowded? Once you’re satisfied with everything in place, you can enjoy your video calls.

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