How To Choose The Right Picture Frame For A Black & White Photo

Do you have a black & white photograph that you would like to frame? If so, this article will help you choose the picture framing for black and white pictures based on their size. In many ways, choosing frame color is similar to choosing clothing color. Just as our clothes complete our looks by highlighting our features, frames creatively enhance the effect of our pictures.


When framing a black and white photo, you have several choices to make. The most important decision is whether to use a mat or not. A mat is a plain frame that goes around the photo. It is typically 1/2″ wide and comes in many different colors and patterns. If you choose to use a mat, you need to decide which side of the mat should be the inside of your frame, and which side is going to face out.


Tinted mats are another option that has been recently introduced on the market by companies like Gallery Frames. These offer an alternative to solid color mats and can add visual interest to your black and white photo framing project.


Picture frames come in all different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one for your black and white photo can be tricky. If you don’t pay attention to the details, it may look good on the wall, but you’ll be disappointed with the outcome. Here are a few tips to help you:


  1. Color of the Frame


First thing that you need to consider is the color of the frame that matches with your black and white photo. It is better to go for a darker colored frame than a lighter colored one especially if your photo has a lot of dark or lighter shades. A darker colored frame will control the intensity of such shades and make them look better against a black and white image.


  1. Type of Frame


Next thing that you need to consider is the type of frame that matches with your black and white photo. You should choose a frame based on your taste but remember that wooden framed pictures look better over metal framed ones as they blend well with most of the black and white images. Metal frames can also be used in case you have an antique item or want to give a vintage look to your photo through such frames.


  1. Size of Framed Photo


The third thing that you need to consider is the size and shape of your framed photo. For example, if you have a family portrait, then you may want to choose a rectangular shaped picture frame for your photo. If you have a photograph of an animal or landscape, then maybe you would like to choose a more square shaped picture frame.


Framing Materials


Simple wood frame: A black and white photo is best displayed in a simple wooden frame. Go for something that complements the colors of your subject without being too bold or distracting from the subject.


Wooden frame with glass: This will make your picture appear more professional, but it’s also important that this frame doesn’t cover any part of the image.


Aluminum frames: These are great because they give off a modern look, but they should be used with care since they can take away from the details of the photograph itself.


Metal picture frame: A black and white photo is best displayed in a metal picture frame. The more ornate and detailed, the better!


Artwork is a personal choice. The pictures that hang in your home should reflect your tastes and preferences. If you’re not sure how to choose the right frame for your artwork, start by considering a few things about the piece itself.

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