How to Open a Professionally Framed Picture

In the past, frames and print works were one thing. The art was painted directly on the layout panel. Over time, the digital era brought forth professional framing. The aspect helped artisans separate a picture from its frame. The framing techniques also guarantee simple steps when one decides to open professionally framed photos.

As a homeowner, opening a framing is now possible. Whether you’re opening the frame to replace it or work on your photo, there are framing techniques you should comprehend. Read on to discover the simple steps that will help you open a professionally framed picture.

Tools Required


The process, though a simple one, requires one to have the following tools: 

  1. Gloves
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Fliers
  4. Clean workspace
  5. Spacious working place
  6. Tape

Steps to Open a Professionally Framed Picture

Remove the photo frame from the box or wall and lay it backside up in a clean workspace. 

When your workplace isn’t clean, the chances are that your print work will get stained. Paintings are sensitive, and this may cause damage. If you’re a pet owner, please make sure it isn’t around while you do this. If your photo frame has a brown paper on the backside, remove this. It doesn’t interfere with the value of your print work.

  • Detach the wire that hangs the picture frame on the wall.

It’s not possible to open a professional framing with this wire. If you need to hang the print work after opening, use a screwdriver to loosen the hanging wire. If you’re not going to turn it, use wire cutters to cut it.

  • Search the framer’s points

These are clip–like metallic pins that keep the picture on the frame from the backside. Depending on their type, you can pull them off. Alternatively, you can use pliers to bend them back.

  • Wash your hands

From the above-discussed steps, your hands will be undeniably dirty. To keep your print work clean, wash your hands and dry them off. Still, if you were using gloves, replace them with another pair.

  • Separate the matting from the artwork

Take a postcard and slide it amidst the matting and the frame until you reach the glass. Keep the postcard on top of the glass but beneath the mat and print work. Lift the mat away from the framing. Next, open the matting from and sides separate from the picture. At this point, please don’t touch the artwork lest you stain it. Take several photos of either side of the picture. 

In cases where the mat is glued to the frame, don’t open the framing by yourself. You’ll end up destroying the print work. To avoid this, engage professionals with framing techniques.

  • Return the picture to the frame.

When done with your pictures, the last step is to return them to the frame. In this step, exercise the best framing methods to don’t damage your picture framing. Said and done, what are these best framing tips?

Steps to Frame Your Professional Picture after Opening 


First, pick your matting and put it down the print work. Do this carefully to make sure there are no creases or folding. Grab two opposite corners of the matting and flip them back over to fix them into the framing. Get a new backing board and pins to put the artwork firmly in place. Using masking tape, securely fix the backing board and the frame. 

Lastly, put the framing face down on a leveled area for like 4 hours. Afterward, use pliers and a screwdriver to place the hanging wire if you intend to hang it on your wall.

In essence, opening a professional framing isn’t complicated. Be sure to follow the above-discussed steps to open your professionally framed pictures.

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