The Easy Gallery Wall Ideas That’s Perfect for Neutral Living Rooms

appealing and unique photo gallery wall

No one wants a dull gallery wall. You are all looking forward to an eye-catching wall gallery. But have you taken time to think about the factors contributing to this? An appealing and unique photo gallery wall is born from artworks of different textures, shapes, designs and colors. In this article, you will find easy gallery ideas ideal for neutral living rooms.


Linear Wall Art


The linear wall art will bond with your neutral living room. It’s stylish, simple and fits any style. Consider this wall art if you want a standard to occupy that blank space in your living room.


Wooden Medallion Wall Art


This is the best companion if you want to add dimension and texture to your neutral wall. Due t its beautiful features, it will be the first thing your guests spot in your home decor.


Neutral Metal Wall Art


When you decide to opt for neutral shades for living room décor, choose different surfaces and fabrics to brighten up spaces that aren’t colored. You may want to try brown and grey metal wall art if you like industrial vibes.


The Broken Mirror Mosaic


Another brilliant way to amplify the living room’s neutral color is to use the above wall art. They have a visual illusion of making a room seem more significant than its actual size. Besides, they aren’t common in many homes and thus will give the living room a unique appearance. The broken mirror mosaic reflects light from the window, brightening up the space.


Silhouette Portraits


These are traditional wall art décor that is in white and black. They comprise an outlined image of a person positioned against light and neutral background. They are ideal for your neutral living room as they give it a classy and vintage style.


Neutral Wall Tapestry


Your photo gallery wall will also be glamorous with this wall art. Your neutral living room wall color will complement the neutral wall tapestry’s soft texture.


Neutral Wall Mural


They are designed from an illustration or magnified print. When you plan to dramatically add depth and rich color to your living room, this is the best choice. The mural gives you a chance to personalize it to your specifications. When you want to convey a striking statement in your space without the addition of flashy color, consider this wall art. They also make a room appear bigger.


Neutral Hanging Quilt 


The wall art is hand-sewn, mounted and framed to hang on the living room’s wall to enhance a cozy appearance. Many clients know only of the colored hanging guilt, but there are neutral ones to complement your wall’s neutral colors.


Photo Gallery Walls Mistakes to Avoid


When you study your gallery, doesn’t it convey the message you had in mind while designing it? If you feel that there’s a missing aspect from your gallery walls, check out any mistakes below.

You choose your art from a few choices. It sounds simple, but most of the dull wall galleries result from this mistake. When you choose your wall art from a few choices, you’ll have a monotonous wall gallery.


  • Failure to plan your layout. When you rush to hang your photo gallery, you’re likely to have a cluttered appearance.
  • You are matching the frames and ignoring artwork colors. When you focus on the frames and forget about the colors, you may be shocked to realize later that the artwork’s colors clash.
  • Poor spacing. Poorly spaced artwork makes your wall gallery messy. Therefore, it’s always good to take time and get your spacing right before you hang your art.



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