The Versatility of White Picture Frames

A white picture frame on its own doesn’t make much of an impact. It’s the white framing around a picture you love that matters the most. While you probably have a collection of black, gold and silver picture frames, have you ever thought of expanding to include other colors? Believe it or not, white picture frames are useful in many situations. They don’t just add contrast to a dark room or contrast to overly busy walls — they actually come with their own benefits too.


Choose White Picture Frames for Any Style



White picture frames are a staple in home décor. Their crisp white color lends itself to use with many types of artwork. They are great for framing family photos, art prints, children’s paintings and much more. White frames can be used without glass as well, which makes them ideal for framing children’s art and other items that will be handled frequently.


Mixing and matching frames in the same room adds a level of interest to a space. When using white picture frames with different sized images or artwork, consider using the same size frames to create a cohesive look. This can be done with matting in different colors as well. Matting is especially useful with children’s art because it allows the pieces to be displayed at their best while protecting them from being damaged by handling.


The best part about using white frames is that you can change the look of your home with them. You can have a room full of different colored frames on the same wall, or create one big wall using only white frames. In both cases, white is neutral and goes with anything.


Any decorating scheme that uses frames should feature something neutral in the middle — such as a large wreath or a piece of artwork. Then you can use smaller items or accessories to fill in the spaces.


If you want even more flexibility when it comes to framing, look into buying multiple narrow frames that you can switch out at will. That way you’ll always have a good selection of possibilities on hand.


Benefits of Using White Picture Frames


Most people have a white picture frame at home. They’re sleek, versatile and practical. It’s one of the few items that can match with any decorating theme.


Have you ever wondered why white frames are so popular? Here are some reasons:


It’s neutral

White is a neutral color. It goes well with any color scheme from minimalist to rustic, from contemporary to eclectic. If you’re not sure what color to choose, white is always the safe option. It’s also one of the most versatile colors. If you have a unique piece of art that you don’t know how to frame, start with a white frame first.


It’s calming

white helps calm your space because it visually expands the room and reflects light. When there’s less clutter around, your eyes will focus on the wall art and help relax your mind as you gaze at it. If you want to create a sense of calm in your space, try using some white frames in different sizes and shapes.


It’s timeless

white is classic. Its simplicity creates a beautiful contrast with more colorful pieces of art like paintings or photos. Since white is used in many decorating styles and eras, it can blend in easily with any kind of design theme without looking out of place.


It works with any background color

these are the best option for artwork that has an off-white or cream colored background. White frames work well with watercolor paintings, colored pencil drawings, pastels, and photographs with a soft color pallet.


White picture frames aren’t just for art galleries or fancy corporate boardrooms. From the average home to a commercial building, these accents add a sophisticated appeal to any space. The custom nature of the frames also allows a certain artistic freedom that simply isn’t present with other types of frames.

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