Tips for Hanging Any framed artwork

Your home can’t be complete without photographs. But purchasing and framing your favorite artwork isn’t the last step. You’ve to go ahead and hang the print work. Though simple, many people do this incorrectly, interfering with the aesthetic value of framed artwork. To others, hanging artwork is a complicated process. This article has compiled tips to make the hanging process simple, creative, and fun.

Consider the background

Many buildings have white walls, which complement many types of art. If a backdrop is textured or painted, your artwork will be enhanced or drowned. Therefore, it’s a noble idea to check your background and its effect on your print work. For instance, if your wall is painted, work on your art to make sure they blend each other well before hanging.

Don’t hang all your photographs.

There’s no golden rule that dictates you to hang all types of artwork. To minimize the drilling of holes on the wall, arrange some artwork on the floor. On top of shelves, you can also artistically place others there. The effect will be a stylish modern look.

Don’t overdo matching.

Matching framed artwork is good, but overdoing it gives your room too much personality. To counter this, group framed print that you find interesting. When doing this, make sure the frames don’t color clash. To maintain consistency, put together with photos with similar structures but come in different shapes and sizes.


Again, please don’t have all your art walls centered, as this will be boring. Hang some framed print off the center and balance it with a tall plant. The tips work well on empty walls, especially hanging small print work.


If you’re looking forward to the best display of your art after hanging, then prepare first. The preparation process entails putting your print work on the floor first. First, you’ll want to check how your print work looks before you hammer it on the wall—arranging them while on the floor and scrutinizing them to check whether they give you the display you want. Once satisfied, take measurements and set the height. The measuring technique will prevent the print work from getting hung way on too much height.

Build your gallery wall

A gallery is where you’ve pictures occupy the whole hall. The tip is excellent if you have an empty wall and love a mix of different types and sizes of art. You can carefully select print work that will convey your personality and an exciting story.

Don’t overcrowd 

When hanging, be careful not to overcrowd artwork at once. Begin with a few, and increase the number with time. Resist the idea of having all walls occupied with art as this will be dull.

Get the right tools

To hang your photos in the best way, you’ll need to equip yourself with the right tools. These are mounting hardware, a hammer, nails, a stud, and a tape measure—failure to have these in places results in errors in hanging.

Start with your favorite pieces of artwork

What is the print work you want to see first in your room? Identify them and arrange them to give the best visual impression. Precisely stated, have your most appealing artwork shine.


Since you’ll need your photos to glow, consider the effect of lighting. A beautifully lit print work is eye-catching. You’ll have to highlight your wall art with sconces or picture light.

Hang print work everywhere

Don’t just focus on the living room. Even places where only you get there will require décor—for instance, laundry -rooms and a walk-in closet. Art is influential, and hanging photos here removes the light effect in these rooms.

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