Where to Hang Picture Frames On Your Wall

Personal photos add charm and make your  house look cozy and lived in. Hanging pictures on a wall is an art form, so if you want to learn how to do it correctly, read on to get all the best tips. Grouping pictures together to create a certain look, takes some skill and an eye for detail.


The type of frames for pictures you decide to use is going to be determined by the look that you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to create a very traditional look, then you might want to consider using a classic frame. It is important that you do not go overboard on choosing the frame. The most important thing is to ensure that the frame compliments your picture and does not take away from it.


When hanging picture frames on your wall, the first thing to do is decide where you want the frame to hang. Look at the wall and make a note of where you think it will look best. Try out several locations to determine the best one. Match frames or mat color to the color of your walls or wallpaper.


The most common placement for a large picture is off center on a wall. This allows you to use two smaller pictures on either side of the main focal point. If using this approach, make sure to leave enough room between each picture so they are not touching each other. When hanging frames, always leave room between pictures so they look evenly placed. Leave the same amount of room on each side.


Measure the size of the frame, so that you know how large an area it will cover. If you’re putting up more than one picture frame on a wall, space them out evenly and try to make sure that there isn’t too much empty space or furniture in between them. Mark with masking tape where the top left corner of the picture will go, and then measure down from that point to make sure it’s level with the rest of your wall.


To hang the pictures, use 1 inch framing nails for small to medium size pictures. When hanging small photos, it’s not necessary to go through the stud. The nail in the drywall should be enough to support  small, lightweight picture frames.


Helpful Tips to hang picture frames


Mark your nail holes with pencil, not pen or marker. The holes will show through if you use a dark frame and a light wall, or vice versa.


Taping out your picture before you even decide where you are going to put it on your wall can be very helpful. First, it will allow you to visualize your room with the photos in it which can be very helpful before you put anything up. You will be able to see if you have too many frames and if there is enough space between them for example.


Before you hang your picture frames on the wall, check to be sure it is level and plumb (perpendicular to floor). To check for level, place a straight edge (a ruler or yardstick) along the top edge of the frame and hold it against the wall at both ends. Adjust until you get a level line between them. To check for plumb (perpendicular), hold a carpenter’s level against the frame at both ends.


Hang frames up from a stud whenever possible. The weight of larger frames can put unnecessary stress on drywall anchors and screws, which may not hold over time. Use a stud finder (available at any hardware store) to locate an appropriate spot for hanging. Always use anchors when hanging frames near windows or other areas where there’s a potential for pulling forces.


With these expert tips above, you’ll be an expert at hanging pictures in no time at all.  Follow the steps for choosing the location to hang your photos, marking it out with tape, and using framing nails to secure the pictures to the wall. Contact us if you have any questions, or would like custom framing help online.

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